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Lipids are an important part of exosomes. A number of studies have shown that lipids play an important role in exosomal biology. Compared with donor cells, exosomes are more enriched in sphingolipids, cholesterol and phosphatidylserine. The lipid composition of exosomes is similar to lipid rafts, and exosomes have higher lipid content than other extracellular vesicles and higher stability to detergents. Improving the understanding of lipids will help us better understand the biological characteristics of exosomes. Exosomal lipidomics is an urgent need now.

Creative Proteomics aims to provide high-quality exosomes lipidomics services for customers in different fields. Our scientists help speed up your project progress based on professional knowledge and high-sensitivity equipment. All you need is to send us your samples or purified exosomes. We will deliver you a report containing identification, mass/charge ratio and metabolite difference analysis.

Exosomes Lipidomics Service

Exosomes Lipidomics Service in Creative Proteomics

Targeted lipidomics: targeted detection and quantification of a specific lipid or a certain class of lipids.

Untargeted lipidomics: Based on GC-MS and LC-MS, nonbiased detection of all lipid molecules in as many biological samples as possible, such as cells, tissues, organs, or body fluids. The experimental group and the control group are compared and analyzed. Differential lipid molecules are screened through statistical analysis, and the relative relationship between lipid metabolism and physiological and pathological changes is found, so as to reveal the functional mechanism of lipids in various life activities.

1. Analysis and identification of lipids and their metabolites

2. Study on lipid metabolic pathway and network

3. Regulation of lipid function and metabolism

Advantage of exosomes lipidomics service

High accuracy of lipid molecular identification: compare the identification of the secondary mass spectrogram, the identification number is about 1000, and carry out the multi-level analysis of lipid categories, subtypes, species, and molecules.

Ultra-high resolution mass spectrometer platform: use QE series spectrometer for detection, the instrument has high resolution, high quality accuracy and good stability.

Standardized platform and strict quality control: full-process standard operating procedures (SOP) guidance, dual quality control of isotope internal standards and QC.

Rich project experience: high-throughput automated sample preparation system for metabolite extraction, real-time monitoring of instrument detection process.

Bioinformatics analysis

  • Standard data analysis
  • Lipid identification, quantification and composition analysis: lipid subclass and molecular identification and quantification, lipid subclass content ratio, lipid distribution range
  • Lipid content difference analysis: total, Class level, Species level analysis
  • Lipid chain length change analysis, lipid chain saturation change analysis
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Marker screening: integrated machine learning
  • Correlation analysis with target parameters: OPLS regression analysis/WGCNA analysis

Creative Proteomics is based on a highly stable, reproducible and highly sensitive separation, characterization, identification and quantitative analysis system to provide you with a reliable, fast and cost-effective one-stop exosomes metabolomics analysis service. Thanks for your trust. If you have any questions or need other exosome analysis related services, please contact us.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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