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The collection of exposed plasma membrane proteins, collectively referred to as the surface group, is involved in several important cellular processes, such as communication between cells and their surroundings and regulation of transport across the lipid bilayer. The surfaceome also plays a key role in the immune system through recognition and presentation of antigens, with possible malfunctions associated with disease. Surface proteins have been explored as potential cellular markers, disease biomarkers and therapeutic drug targets.

Compared with intracellular proteins, the low efficiency of extracting surface proteins from hydrophobic membranes and aqueous media and the low abundance of surface proteins hinder the analysis of surface proteins. Creative Proteomics has endeavored to investigate and address these issues by developing a platform for cell surface protein analysis.

Analysis of the proteome of cell populations by sub-compartmentAnalysis of the proteome of cell populations by sub-compartment (Hanash et al., 2014).

Based on biotin affinity purification technology, we have optimized our cell surface protein purification and enrichment optimization protocols to enable high quality extraction and enrichment of cell surface proteins for subsequent protein profiling. Equipped with a nano-LC-MS/MS nanoliter chromatography platform, we can provide you with professional and comprehensive cell surface proteomics services for cell surface proteome identification and quantification, including the entire process of mass spectrometry from cell surface protein extraction to protein identification and protein quantification.

With the help of powerful bioinformatics technology, our technicians have rich analytical experience in the field of bioinformatics and are skilled in using various bioinformatics analysis tools to deeply analyze and mine the data, which can realize the screening of potential biomarkers.


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