About Us


About Us

About Us

Creative Proteomics aims to provide our customers with high-quality and quick turnaround proteomics and metabolomics analysis services. We have fully established pre-sales and after-sales processes to generate solutions that meet your requirements. Our professional bioinformatics analysis team can provide you with professional bioinformatics analysis after obtaining proteome and metabolome data.

Our services mainly include:

Subcellular proteomics services

We provide proteomics services for various subcellular structures, such as mitochondria, chloroplasts, exosomes, from protein isolation and purification to protein characterization, quantification, and subcellular location.

Subcellular proteomics solutions

We provide a one-stop service for subcellular proteomics. According to your sample and research purpose, we will customize the solution exclusively for you, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the subcellular structure from an overall perspective.

Subcellular metabolomics solutions

We will provide a one-stop solution for subcellular metabolomics according to your sample and research purpose. The analysis we can provide includes studies on metabolic differences, dynamic studies, and correlations between organelles and diseases.

Subcellular multiomics analysis

Creative Proteomics can provide transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics experiments and data analysis services. We can provide multi-omics joint analysis according to your needs to speed up your project progress.

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